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Who is Deluxe Kitchen and Bath?

We provide services to those in the Metro DC area, including those in VA and MD, in regard to commercial and residential needs. We are experts when it comes to bath and kitchen remodeling needs, interior house painting work, flooring installation and care, cabinets, counter tops, tile, and more. We offer reliability, with a name in the home business that is backed by many years of history serving in such an area. We have a futuristic sort of bath and kitchen remodeling design and technology inspiration, and we are relevant to the tastes of today’s consumers. Here at Deluxe Kitchen & Bath, we show our love for both modern and traditional styles when it comes to homes and their interiors. We offer specialized care and concern when it comes to the needs of our customers, looking out for those who come to us for help and providing them with individualized care. We cut back on the uncertainty that customers face, helping them through their indecisiveness by offering them home improvements that are custom made for them. We do all that we can to make sure that every one of our customers is happy at all times.

Our Goals For Customers

Those of us at Deluxe Kitchen & Bath have a single goal when it comes to all that we do and the way that we work. We have a simple goal when it comes to the way that we treat every one of our clients. Our goal is to provide each client with the best kind of customer service. We do all that we can to make sure that we go above and beyond the care that other bath and kitchen companies offer and that we provide exceptional service to those who choose our help. We seek to provide the highest level of service when it comes to our respected clients, doing all that we can to make sure that the work that we do is done right. In the midst of all of this, we also work to provide designs that are efficient and unique, and we accompany those designs with high quality materials and proficient installation services.

Meet Our Team

The team of individuals who make up Deluxe Kitchen & Bath are competent individuals. These individuals are ready for the work that is before them. Our staff is reliable, showing up when they need to and getting the work done. Our team is professional and knowledgeable, always there to handle things in the best way. The majority of our staff members have gone through serious training in order to make sure that they know how to best meet the needs of our clients. Our staff works to go beyond the expectations of our clients. Our experts are responsible for giving you your dream bathroom or kitchen, and they will do what they need to do in order to please you. Our staff is available to help you in the design process when it comes to your custom, beautiful bathroom and kitchen. We offer the guarantee that our staff will amaze you when it comes to your bathroom and kitchen remodeling work.

What Guarantee Do We Offer?

Here at Deluxe Kitchen & Bath, we offer a promise that you will receive a bathroom or kitchen that is superb, and that you will get that in the shortest amount of time possible. We will work with you in order to take your dream and make it into a reality. We provide you with the kind of licensed contractor who is able to use their in-depth expertise to help you receive the best results. Our contractor has understanding and knowledge when it comes to the world of bathroom and kitchen remodeling, providing you with the best service. Our staff is made up of individuals who are licensed and experienced, ready for the work that is before them and prepared to handle things in an expert way. We offer competitive consultations to help you out as you are looking to make your bathroom and kitchen extraordinary. When you are looking for the most affordable and superb contractor for your bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling work, just contact us.

Committed to Customer Service

Those of us at Deluxe Kitchen & Bath work hard to make sure that our clients are treated in a way that is better than the standards that others use. We seek to bring the highest level of customer service into the work that we do. We provide unique designs that are accompanied by first class materials and ready for installation.

We Offer Professional Managers and Technicians

Custom Kitchen Remodeling and Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling

Designing Elegant, Custom Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling

Allow us to take care of your kitchen and bath remodeling and to get your home into the best shape. We will work with you to help you receive the kitchen and bath that you have always dreamed of having.

On Time and On Budget!

You do not have to worry about the amount of time that it will take for us to complete your bathroom or kitchen, we take just three weeks for a regular bathroom remodel job and six weeks for a regular kitchen. Those bathrooms and kitchens with structural work may take longer to handle, but Deluxe Kitchen & Bath will provide you with the flexibility you need to make things happen in the right timing.

Your Home Deserves A Great Makeover!

When you invest in Deluxe Kitchen & Bath, you will receive the kind of space that you want and the finished work that is best for your home.

We Are Licensed and Insured

Our employees are trained and ready to go, and when a permit requires, we will provide someone who is licensed in the correct trade to take things on. There are a few specialty items that may be installed by manufacturers to maintain warranties, but otherwise we take care of the work that needs to be done with our own staff. Our installer employees are experienced carpenters who take pride in the work that they do.

We Are Happy To Give Estimates

We are friendly and we are here for you when you call or email us. We would be happy to talk with you about your project.

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