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Flooring isn’t likely the first thing on your mind, but luckily for you it’s one of the first things on ours! We have what it takes to transform any living space into something much better for years to come thanks to the many options and styles of flooring that we offer here at Deluxe Kitchen and Bath.

Hardwood Flooring

There’s a wide range of wood flooring that can look great in many homes. For example, you may want a nice warm feeling or even decide one of the darker wood flooring choices in right for you. We have many in stock such as hickory, cherry, walnut, maple, bamboo, merbau, ash, cork, and even pecan. Give your home what it deserves!

Laminate Flooring

One of the most loved things about laminate flooring is the ease of low maintenance. It’s so easy to take care of over the years and make it last. This combined with easy cleanup and affordability has made laminate flooring one of the more popular options among all types of homeowners.

It is quick to install laminate flooring and depending on project size we can usually have an entire area completed in just 1-2 days time. Contact us today to learn more about the laminate options we offer!

Stone Flooring

For a truly exceptional homeowners experience we recommend stone and tile flooring. Depending on the space you are adding stone flooring it can make for an amazing conversation piece as well as an inviting look and feel. Some of the classic looks we carry are always timeless! We have limestone, marble, terracotta, granite, travertine, and others in stock and ready to go in your home today!




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